Puma Podravska

puma 1

Born on: 2.3.2012

Father: Black-Jack von der Teufelskehle
Mother: Orla von der Staatsmacht

Oc. zun.: IV/I
ZW: HD – a normal / ED – a normal

Exam: IPO 2

Weight: 33 kg
Height: 61 cm

Puma is the daughter of Orla von der Staatsmacht and Black-Jack von der Teufelskehle. Puma brings all of the qualities of her Mother and Father together. She has strong drive, strong nerves, and shows proper confidence in all situations. Her Mother ’s and Father’s line are the strongest lines out of Germany, and it goes back on Tim Abfuhr mother Gimi Abfuhr. Puma is A-Normal Hips/Elbows. Show Result V.

Orla von der Staatsmacht

puma 1

Born on: 10.11.2007

Father: Amigo von der Holzinger Au
Mother: Cenzie von der Staatsmacht

Oc. zun.: IV/I
ZW: HD – a normal / ED noch zugel.

Exam: IPO 1
Height: 58 cm

Orla produced very good dogs in first litter and second litter. She is loyal, strong, social, and have an unbelievable working drive. She has strong nerves, and shows strong courage in all situations. Most of her progeny’s are used in breedings.

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